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An International Basketball Tour Guaranteed to ensure your Expectations!

Who are we – Basketball Travel Enthusiasts


Premier International Tours, formerly known as Euro-Sportring , specializes in organizing basketball tours and basketball travel to Europe and South America for various youth basketball teams, high schools and college basketball programs throughout all of North America. Premier International Tours is involved in every step of the basketball travel process from assisting in developing a pre-basketball tours agenda, to executing all aspects of the tour, and evaluating the basketball tours upon completion.



The International Basketball Tour and Basketball Travel Program


With Premier International Tours, there is no such a thing as a standard tour - a "take it or leave it" situation. Your tour is too special for you and for your team to settle for arrangements that might not be quite right. With Premier International Tours, Europe and South America show a personal face. That face belongs to a dedicated local Premier International Tours basketball tour representative who hosts your team in his or her area.  With Premier International Basketball Tours you do not visit as a tourist. Instead you are a much-appreciated guest - a basketball friend from North America. With Premier International Basketball Tours, you will discover how a love for basketball truly unites the world!


International Basketball Tournaments


International basketball travel is something your  team will long remember and cherish. One of the best ways to experience the finest that international basketball offers is by participating in a festive international tournament while on an international basketball tour. Every tournament in our  program provides an atmosphere of total basketball immersion. At the same time, you'll enjoy the thrill of competing against and mixing with teams from all over the world.


International Exhibition games


One of the special aspects of participating in international basketball travel with Premier International Tours is the chance to design a basketball tour that fits perfectly with your team’s objectives. You can participate in one or more tournaments, you can decide to play only exhibition games, or you can do both. If you decide to play games, our Premier International Tours basketball tours agent will arrange games with teams at your competitive level. Once you arrive at your international basketball travel destination, a local Premier International Tours representative will work closely with you to offer other activities according to your team's wishes. Imagine the fun you can have interacting with your opponents, before and after basketball games, while seeing the best attractions only locals know about while on your international basketball tour. 


We are especially pleased to offer pre-season basketball tours for colleges basketball programs, men and women. We offer basketball games against opponents of comparable ability, excellent facilities for daily training, and sightseeing excursions. 

Basketball teams from all over North America and college basketball programs have discovered the world of international basketball travel and sportsmanship. Of course, they returned home with many wonderful experiences both on and off the basketball court.  

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