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Japan program highlights and sights:
  • Play games vs. local Japanese teams

  • Sightseeing in major Japanese cities like Tokyo and Yokohama

Japan has one of the most successful basketball teams in Asia. It has won the Asian Basketball Championships twice and is the second leading nation in qualifications to the event. The team qualified for the Olympic Games six times and for the FIBA World Cup four times. Japan has traditionally brought forth several of Asia's elite basketball players who competed in the NBA and in Europe.

Tokyo SkyTree.jpg
Tsukiji Market Shrine.jpg

Tokyo, Japan’s busy capital, mixes the ultramodern and the traditional, from neon-lit skyscrapers to historic temples. The opulent Meiji Shinto Shrine is known for its towering gate and surrounding woods. The Imperial Palace sits amid large public gardens. The city's many museums offer exhibits ranging from classical art (in the Tokyo National Museum) to a reconstructed kabuki theater (in the Edo-Tokyo Museum).

Tsukiji Market: The approximately 500 foot by 820 foot area of narrow alleys and ramshackle shops retains a sample of the now-inaccessible Inner Market (that was the most famous bit of Tsukiji). While the sheer chaos of the Inner Market is a thing of the past, just a single corner of the Outer Market at Tsukiji still shows a lot of character within Japanese culture. 300 shops and restaurants have stayed put in Tsukiji’s Outer Market and continue to serve customers.

Senso-ji: A Buddhist temple located in Asakusa. It is one of Tokyo's most colorful and popular temples. When approaching the temple, visitors first enter through the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate), the outer gate of the Senso-ji Temple and the symbol of Asakusa and the entire city of Tokyo. A shopping street of over 600 feet, called Nakamise, leads from the outer gate to the temple's second gate, the Hozomon. Alongside typical Japanese souvenirs such as yukata and folding fans, various traditional local snacks from the Asakusa area are sold along the Nakamise. The shopping street has a history of several centuries.

Japan international basketball tour (3).
Japan international basketball tour (4).
Japan international basketball tour (2).

Tour Example


Tour 4020
Japan - Tokyo

Day 1    Departure from (xxx) airport.
Day 2    Arrival Narita or Haneda airport and transfer to your accommodation. Optional sightseeing in Tokyo before              transferring to hotel for check in.
Day 3    Morning training session. Evening game (#1) vs. local team.
Day 4    All day sightseeing to Tsukiji Market, transfer to the Asakusa area to visit Senso-ji and visit Tokyo Skytree.
Day 5    Morning training session. Afternoon/Evening game (#2) vs. local team.
Day 6    All day sightseeing to Harajuku where you can enjoy shopping and visit the Meiji Shrine. In the afternoon, visit Shibuya.
Day 7    Morning training session. Afternoon/Evening game (#3) vs. local team.
Day 8    All day sightseeing at Tokyo Disney Land.
Day 9    Morning training session. Afternoon game (#4) vs. local team.
Day 10    Transfer to Narita or Haneda airport and return flight.

Price per person:

Participant Prices:

Starting at US $3350 per person


​Prices are based on departure from San Francisco, with 40 people traveling and do not include airport taxes or fuel surcharges which are approx. $250.00 - $350.00 per person. Contact us for a detailed price quote and itinerary.

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