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Reaching Our Goal

Introducing Reaching Our Goal


A Fundraising Program That Really Works


Traveling abroad with your team is sure to be an incredible experience. We also appreciate that it can be expensive.


When college, high school and club basketball teams are planning trips, they turn to the experts at Reaching Our Goal to help them raise thousands of dollars. Now you can, too.


Reaching Our Goal is a powerful donation-based program that utilizes email, Facebook and regular mail.  We create a personalized donation page all about your group. You can customize it with colors, pictures and your own words. We share the donation page with your supporters like family, friends and relatives. After donating we thank each of your supporters with fifty dollars in savings at their choice of thousands of restaurants across the country. That makes the average donation free!


You don’t have to sell anything or manage any events. Everyone on the team can participate or just some of the players and/or coaches.


We urge you to click this link and launch a fundraising campaign with Reaching Our Goal for your trip with Premier International Tours. It takes just a minute to add your team, upload a roster and you are done!


You will also be contacted by an owner of the company who will guide you through a very simple process that really works.


To get started click on the following link:


Jon Goldman, Partner

Reaching Our Goal, LLC

C: 914-384-4311


S: jon.goldman4


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